$175 Million · 175 Years

For nearly 175 years, The Citadel has answered the call to develop principled leaders equipped to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world. In honor of this proud tradition, and in celebration of the upcoming 175th anniversary of The Citadel’s founding, we are pleased to announce the launch of this campaign.

The impact of this fundraising drive will be felt on every corner of the campus. Initiatives funded by the campaign will significantly enhance our leader development programs and enrich the cadet experience. We will raise the funds needed to rebuild Capers Hall and construct a new School of Business building. We will enhance our academic offerings by creating programs of distinction within each academic school and the library. We will increase the financial independence of our athletics programs. Finally, we will raise the unrestricted resources that are essential to implement our strategic plan.

Success in this effort will position the college to achieve the LEAD Plan’s desired end-state: to strengthen The Citadel into a nationally recognized college for the education and development of principled leaders. And we are well on our way.

Organized to support the LEAD Plan 2018, the college’s strategic plan, the Foundation for Leadership campaign seeks to raise $175 million by the close of 2018. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Campaign Steering Committee and the generosity of donors who have made leadership gifts since May 2012, we have already achieved more than two-thirds of our goal. With your support, we are certain to succeed.

For 175 years, Citadel graduates have answered the call to serve. To reach our goal of $175 million, we must marshal the talents, resources, and participation of our alumni and friends. Now is the time for us all to step forward to make a meaningful gift to the Foundation for Leadership campaign. Together, we are laying the foundation for the continued success of the Long Gray Line.

($25 Million)
Facilities & Capital Projects
($30 Million)
Leader Development
($8 Million)
Strategic Growth
($22 Million)