About the Campaign

The Citadel stands proudly on the brink of a promising future. Drawing on the strength of its time-honored traditions, the college and the Long Gray Line stand ready to advance in a resolute march to achieve excellence in the education of principled leaders.

The Foundation for Leadership campaign, a comprehensive drive to raise $175 million for the ongoing benefit of the Corps of Cadets and graduate students, presents a challenge to the college’s alumni, friends, and institutional partners—a challenge The Citadel community is uniquely prepared to accept with honor, fortitude, and confidence of success.

Developed through the commitment and strategic vision of The Citadel Board of Visitors and The Citadel Foundation Board of Directors, and launched in partnership with the governing bodies of The Citadel Brigadier Foundation and The Citadel Alumni Association, the Foundation for Leadership campaign has been structured to advance the college on all fronts. Success in this effort will have an enduring impact upon The Citadel, as the campaign touches all aspects of campus life.

Building upon The Citadel’s core values and proud tradition, the Foundation for Leadership campaign will provide the college with the academic, athletic, and technological resources required of a premier educational institution. Ultimately, the campaign’s success better enables The Citadel to provide the groundwork for its students to serve as principled leaders prepared to engage in an evolving and competitive world.

Through this effort, The Citadel will gain national prominence among institutions committed to principled leadership and character development. The campaign is centered upon five fundamental areas that are vital for ensuring the successful education of students and the continued success of the college.

Our campaign is led by the Foundation for Leadership Steering Committee.