Campaign Summary & Our Priorities

Since 1842, The Citadel has provided the educational and moral foundation upon which generations of graduates have gone on to build lives marked by leadership and service to others.

Founded upon the Four Pillars of a Citadel education—academic, physical, military, and ethical—The Citadel stands distinct among American colleges in its effort to lay the foundation for principled leadership by educating the Whole Person.

This crucible of leadership is the focus that renders The Citadel experience unique and unparalleled, providing leaders of the next generation with the skills, experience, and discipline they will need to succeed in every aspect of life. Upon passing through its gates, countless Citadel alumni have gone on to answer the call to lead in all walks of life, serving with distinction in the military and as civilians in the public and private sectors.

To build upon this foundation by promoting Leadership Excellence and Academic Distinction, The Citadel has launched the LEAD Plan 2018, the strategic plan that shapes the future of the college. The initiatives outlined in this plan provide a solid foundation to set goals, establish benchmarks, and express a clear vision and roadmap.

The LEAD Plan thus lays the groundwork for the Foundation for Leadership campaign, an ambitious fundraising effort to secure $175 million strategically allocated to position The Citadel as the foremost institution in the nation whose mission is to excel in the education and development of principled leaders.

($25 Million)
Facilities & Capital Projects
($30 Million)
Leader Development
($8 Million)
Strategic Growth
($22 Million)