Daniel Library

The Citadel’s library services have evolved from occupying a single room on the former Marion Square campus in 1842. When the college relocated to the banks of the Ashley River, library space was built within Bond Hall in 1922. The present-day Daniel Library was constructed in 1960 and partially renovated in 2010 with generous gifts from the Daniel Foundation of Alabama.

The library building includes impressive holdings in military history and Southern history; books and databases related to every discipline taught at The Citadel; a selective depository of U. S. government documents; popular magazines and current newspapers; recreational reading; DVDs; comfortable seating areas, study tables and chairs; portraits and murals related to the history of The Citadel; Learning Commons and library instruction areas equipped with networked workstations, wireless laptops and printers; Rare Book Room; Museum Reading Room; Citadel Museum & Archives; and Java City. With a staff of over twenty dedicated individuals, the Daniel Library provides top quality reference and research services in an age when information seeking is an essential aspect of everyday life.

The campaign will focus on establishing the Digital Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship.