School of Humanities & Social Sciences

The largest of The Citadel’s five academic schools—accounting for about forty percent of all the faculty members, undergraduate and graduate majors, and credit hours produced at the college.

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences consists of the Departments of English, History, Modern Languages, Political Science & Criminal Justice, and Psychology. It offers undergraduate majors in each of those disciplines and course work in a variety of others, including Anthropology, Art, Geography, Music, Philosophy, and Sociology. In addition, offering master’s degrees in English, History, Psychology, and Social Science along with graduate certificates in Homeland Security and Leadership.

As such, the SHSS constitutes the foundation of a liberal arts education at The Citadel. Teaching students the fundamental principles of major fields of knowledge and developing their appreciation of the diversity of the human experience. Students increase their ability to conduct research, to think critically, to draw logical conclusions, and to express their thoughts effectively. They are encouraged to welcome–and to learn from–conversations with people who use the same process to arrive at conclusions different from their own. The need constantly to expand the boundaries of knowledge by promoting the research and publication of our faculty is emphasized. Through this process, The Citadel seeks to prepare and motivate students to be informed, principled, and successful leaders in all walks of life.

The campaign focuses on developing a center of excellence for criminal justice, homeland security, and intelligence analysis and compete for a Center of Intelligence Education designation from the director of National Intelligence.  Develop The Citadel Oral History Program and Leadership Archive into a permanent research unit.