($25 Million)

At The Citadel, the athletic fields serve as an adjunct classroom in which the lessons of leadership are learned firsthand. The Citadel’s athletics programs play an essential role in developing the physical skills and leadership abilities of each cadet, providing a strong foundation for future growth.

The Foundation for Leadership campaign aims to increase the financial independence of The Citadel’s athletics programs and fully fund athletic scholarships in all sports through the Athletic Memorial Fund. Endowed scholarships will help to maximize the full potential of Citadel athletics and provide academic opportunities to deserving young men and women. In addition to enhancing the quality of the cadet athletes being recruited, athletic scholarships have been shown to enhance the diversity within the Corps of Cadets.

Gifts to support Citadel Athletics will give the college the ability to recruit the most talented student athletes through:

Funding Brigadier Memorial scholarships
Establishing first-class athletics facilities
Endowing the athletics director’s position
Endowing coaches’ positions
Creating team excellence funds
Providing ongoing operational support for the college’s athletics program