Capers Hall

Built in 1951 at the onset of the Korean War, Capers Hall is one of the most frequently used buildings on campus. It is home to classrooms for more than half of the courses in the college’s core curriculum. It houses the major departments of more than 40 percent of the college’s undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students. And Capers Hall currently produces more
than 43 percent of all of the credit hours generated by the college.

New academic programs in intelligence, security, and international studies, as well as in fine arts, oral history, non-Western languages, and military affairs require different, larger, and more sophisticated teaching spaces to realize their full potential and to meet the changing educational needs of our students.

Our vision for the new Capers Hall is one that will link our best traditions of the past with our brightest hopes for the future. Consistent with that vision, our concept necessitates a larger building on the same southeastern entrance to the campus. It will retain its original facade and entrance portico. Added to that will be three new wings around a central courtyard, similar in style to the Moorish design of the barracks.

Though architectural plans are still being developed, the proposed building has plans to include a large multi-purpose auditorium, a war-room Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, a cyber-lab, a digital humanities and oral history center, a fine arts room and gallery, a state-of-the art language laboratory, and specialized classrooms in honor of some of our most distinguished past professors.

A substantially improved, modern, and visually appealing Capers Hall will serve as the community’s gateway to the campus and, more importantly, as the academic foundation for a 21st century Citadel education.