Office of the Provost

A strong foundation of leadership theory is essential to the development of principled leaders. ...

Office of the Commandant

The Foundation for Leadership campaign provides opportunities to enhance the leader development and training programs orchestrated by the Office of the Commandant. With a focus on the college’s ...

Krause Center for Leadership & Ethics

The Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics oversees, coordinates, and enhances the college’s campus-wide leadership development and ethical growth curriculum. Originally funded as a result of the ...

Priority: Leader Development
($8 Million)

A major objective of the LEAD Plan 2018 is to strengthen The Citadel as a nationally recognized college for the education and development of principled leaders.

The Citadel aims to enhance the cadet experience through a college-wide focus on service learning and civic engagement, having recently achieved the prestigious Carnegie Classification in community engagement.

The Foundation for Leadership campaign will provide resources to integrate career planning into the curriculum and campus culture as a core component of the leader development model. The college will expand The Citadel Success Institute and employ a variety of other innovative actions to enhance student retention rates among all classes and increase the college’s already exceptional four-year and six-year graduation rates.